For colleagues at newspaper #HBvL. #Eid #cookies #moroccancuisine #MarokkaanseKoekjes #briwat #briouat etc.

For colleagues at newspaper #HBvL. #Eid #cookies #moroccancuisine #MarokkaanseKoekjes #briwat #briouat etc.

This morning. #nofilter #Eid #cookies #atay

This morning. #nofilter #Eid #cookies #atay

#Eid mabrouk. I think some would want to read this today. #Palestine #ramadan

#Eid mabrouk. I think some would want to read this today. #Palestine #ramadan




Berbers for Israel - Muslims for Israel

This entire video is so messy. 

1. adghirni is a zionist apologist who clearly does not understand the plight of a people who were told they were lesser in their own homes (re: the amazigh people)

2. abu zakariya is both anti-semitic and completly erasing of the fact that the “maghreb identity” is both still majority influenced by amazigh customs and traditions and people but also would have still flourished greatly even if the arabs hadn’t come 

3. there is indeed history of jewish people in the maghreb? a lot of history? they have their own dialect of tamazight and there is literally a word for jewish imzighen in the language? so many documentaries books art works jewelry pieces land owning documents verbal stories PHYSICAL STRUCTURES in the maghreb???

4. aghrini is a zionist imo

5. the regime supports israel so what did i really expect 

6. the reduction of amazigh contributions to what is literally our own land was erased because abu zakariya is ??? idk

this was so anti-semitic and so anti-amazigh and so messy and so like….grossly zionist brainwashed khara idek what to say i want to watch it again to better word myself but i dont think i can listen to it again 

tamghrabit have u seen this??

ikr, adghirni claims to speak for Imazighen, but i have never heard him speak about a single real issue that Imazighen in morocco face in daily life. his existence is only beneficial to the makhzen, in him they have a figure to which they can point and say “look at those extreme amazigh activist, they serve foreign interests etc.”

adghirni is irrelevant when it comes to the amazigh struggles in morocco. i don’t get why media are so focussed on hailing him as some sort of spokesperson for imazighen, because really he is not. i was actually ranting about aljazeera who was hailing his banned Moroccan Amazigh Democratic Party as a major player in the Maghreb earlier this month. it’s just soooo frustrating to see how badly amazigh issues are portrayed in media, they can’t even get the most basic facts right.

what also irritates the crap out of me is that adrighni, just like the makhzen, thinks that Imazighen are an homogeneous group who all want the exact same thing. i’m sure he’s among those who want a standardized tamazight.  i just find it so frustrating that they use the back of oppressed people for their own either zionist or pan-arabic agenda.

anyway, i’m just gonna leave it at that because i could go on and on about this for days.

Awraqalzaytoun, yes I’ve seen this.

Few things I have to say:

First: to hell with all Amazigh supporters of the zionist state.

I don’t like to share and focus on these video’s too much, but it’s good if other Imazighen know about Adghirni’s stance on israel so they know he’s not really our friend.

I also noticed Moroccan, Arab and Western media who like to give the microphone to people like him and make it seem as if he is our spokesperson. It’s as if some media do this because they hope it’s bad for our struggle.

One of the reasons why I don’t like to focus on this all too much is because it may seem as if I talk about it to distance myself from people like Adghirni. I’m afraid it may become a racist habit for Arab-nationalists to expect of us to publicly distance ourselves from a zionist idea or movement.

I also don’t want to discourage young Imazighen of showing or talking about their identity. I know a few Imazighen in Europe who began to reject the Amazigh movement because they were afraid it had strong ties with zionism. This is sad to see and completely unneccessary. So I focus on texts and images that show solidarity with other indigenous peoples.

And for the rest I think we just need to continue do what we do: be proud Imazighen and support Palestine.


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If you for example use Syrians to make people shut up about Palestine, then you don’t care about Syrians nor Palestinians. You don’t care about victims if you use victims of one oppression to silence talks about victims of a different oppression.


Yeah I don’t understand why we aren’t protesting outside Saudi embassies.

And for those Muslims who keep telling me it’s a bad idea because they wanna go to hajj next year, what is your life right now? How does hajj have any meaning to you when Palestinians are literally being scraped off the concrete.

Saudi has the blood of many, and has been responsible for more than just Palestine.

Damn I’m getting fb comments about how hajj is fard, how boycotting saudi regime and hajj as part of it is damaging my faith, how it’s an insult to Allah because it is acting as if Allah didn’t know what was going to happen with Gaza and Saudi’s involvement…..

If I follow these people I might as well never move or write or demonstrate or boycott because Allah knew all this was going to happen.
A demonstration in Belgium at Saudi embassy would not get enough people participating at this moment so a few of my friends will keep mentioning the role of the Saudi kingdom at any speech they give in the next demonstrations + mention that role in articles. Maybe then after a few years more will wake up and at least show up at a demonstration at the embassy in Belgium.

But I’ve never been more dissappointed in our Muslim community as I am now.


I wonder how it feels to write under an occupation. To write under the constant threat of its inhumanity, and the anger and sadness that makes ones ink cross the boundaries of their thresholds. How revolting yet transforming it must be, and how painful or maybe rewarding for some it is.

An Amazigh friend told me that I liked a facebook page about Tamazight that was promoting solidarity with israel. She advised me to unlike it and tell others who were still following that page, without commenting on that page because it just gives it attention needed to cause confusion and spread lies. There is obviously an online attempt to get us to like israel because it totally doesn’t correspond with offline reality. Anyways I’m checking everything I liked on fb in the past.

This guy was mentioned during my journalism studies as an example of a successful journalist..

This guy was mentioned during my journalism studies as an example of a successful journalist..


De flyers die we gisteren uitdeelden bij de betoging in Antwerpen en een paar voorbeelden van dadels waarvan het geld naar de bezetting van Palestina gaat. Op onze flyer in Antwerpen waren we het merk ‘Shams’ vergeten, onze excuses daarvoor. We zullen die toevoegen voor de flyers die we in Genk gaan verdelen (op dinsdag 15 juli: zie event op Facebook hier).

Deze foto’s hierboven namen we in Marokkaanse/Turkse winkels in Genk. We noemen voorlopig geen naam van een winkel. Van het merk ‘Shams’ heeft een verkoper in Brussel in de Brabantstraat toegegeven dat ze geld voor israël zijn. Er staat nergens een land op vermeld en de barcode verwijst niet naar israël. En ja, de info bij het merk Mehadrin is zeer duidelijk..

We deelden deze beelden vandaag ook op onze Facebookpagina.

This is about our boycott campaign. There have been groups in Belgium that call for a boycott of israel for more than 20 years but we’re still at the stage where Belgian Muslims, as the group in Belgium where you’ll find most support for Palestinians and anti-israel feelings, still sell and buy dates from the occupation for their iftar during this ramadan. So we obviously stand nowhere with BDS here. In the end of the first week of ramadan a few Belgian Moroccans started an online awareness campaign to boycott occupation-dates. They call the campaign ‘No Iftar For israel’. Hopefully we’ll go from dates to the Coca Cola company, to academic boycotts and so on.

The first picture is of the flyers for the boycott. A few volunteers will hand them out at a demonstration tomorrow in Brussels. Organisers expect 3000 people to show up. Brussels is one of the 4 Belgian cities to hold pro-Palestine demonstrations. Other cities were Ghent, Genk, Antwerp, there will be one in Kortrijk and I hear other cities are planning demonstrations too.

So typical Belgian journalism: Robin Ramaekers of the Belgian VTM news first says what he saw from Gaza was too horrible to show viewers, to then goes on and spreads lies about how Hamas doesn’t want a ceasefire because its existence is merely to wipe israel off the map. These ‘journalists’ like him never mention Hamas wasn’t consulted about the terms for a new ceasefire. As expplained here: Hamas did not reject a ceasefire, israel did. They never mention the occupation, the arrests and murders by israel in the last months and years. Yet they get to play the ‘objective’, ‘neutral’ journalist and I could lose my job if I say Hamas has every right to fire rockets at israel.


There’s a bunch of liberal Zionists on here who claim to be pro-Palestine yet only speak about Palestine when they reblog pictures of pro-Palestinian protests and say how such and such signs in the background  are problematic or to rant about how bad the anti-zionist movement is or to say that what’s happening is not a genocide.

"Yeah that’s 10000% wrong but still not a genocide!!1!! I’m pro-Palestine though!1!!1 now let me rant once again abt how problematic anti-zionism is" 

About the name: Tamghrabit means 'Moroccan woman' in Tachelhit which is a Moroccan Amazigh language.

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